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CodeStepByStep is a web application to help you practice solving Java, C++, and Python programming problems online.

To use CodeStepByStep, first create an account, then choose a problem from our list. Type a solution and submit it to our server. The system will test it and tell you whether your solution is correct.

CodeStepByStep has instructor features to allow a teacher to see which problems have been solved by his/her students, so you can assign our problems as homework. If you're a teacher, sign up for an account or request instructor access for your existing account.

CodeStepByStep is developed by Marty Stepp. Marty works as a lecturer at Stanford University Computer Science, though CodeStepByStep is an independent tool not directly affiliated with Stanford University nor any other university.

CodeStepByStep is also actively developed by:

  • Sara Jackson: developer (Spring 2017-present)

And many thanks to past developers who have contributed to this project:

  • Alex Miller: full-time developer (2016-17)
  • Ryan Rowe: student developer (2016)
  • Melissa Medsker Galloway: student developer (2016-present)
  • Jessica Miller: developer (2012-14)

Many exercises have been added by teaching assistants and colleagues; we thank them for their help.

CodeStepByStep is inspired by similar tools such as Practice-It, CodingBat, JavaBall, CodeWrite. Many problems have been added by teaching assistants and colleagues; we thank them for their help. We also thank Glen Herrmannsfeldt from Caltech for contacting us with many bug fixes and suggestions for improvement to the quality of the system.

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CodeStepByStep version beta (2017/11/30)

  • C version: gcc 4.8.4
  • C++ version: g++ 4.8.4
  • C# (Mono) version: 3.2.8
  • HTML (PhantomJS) version: 2.1.1
  • Java version: 1.8.0_91
  • JavaScript (NodeJS) version: 7.10.1
  • Kotlin version: 1.2.0
  • ML version: /usr/lib/smlnj/bin/sml: Error -- unable to map 655360 bytes, errno = 1 /usr/lib/smlnj/bin/sml: Fatal error -- unable to allocate memory object for BIBOP
  • PHP version: 5.5.9-1
  • Python version: 3.4.3
  • Racket version: 5.3.6
  • Ruby version: 1.9.3p484

What's New:

  • [2017/11/30] v0.7.8.0. Added Kotlin language support.
  • [2017/11/21] v0.7.7.4. Ruby language improvements and bug fixes.
  • [2017/11/17] v0.7.7.3. Better protection against excessive output and infinite loops/crashes, and other bug fixes. C# Main method improvements.
  • [2017/09/15] v0.7.6.2. Problem Sets feature v1 added. Ability to create, view, list (teachers/TAs), and solve (students) a problem set.
  • [2017/08/15] v0.7.5.8. Create Accounts for My Students feature added (Sara!). Ability to import student roster from an Excel spreadsheet.
  • [2017/07/20] v0.7.5.2. Introduction of HTML/CSS problems.
  • [2017/07/08] v0.7.5.0. Revamped problem search (Sara!). New C#, Python, and Racket (Melissa!) problems added. Bug fixes.
  • [2017/06/23] v0.7.4.0. New Achievements feature (Sara!). Lots of additional Java and Python problems added. Miscellaneous bug fixes.
  • [2017/06/18] v0.7.3.5. Better references and links for Java problems.
  • [2017/06/16] v0.7.3.4 posted. Embedded problems support. "Keep me logged in" feature.
  • [2017/04/03] v0.7.2.3 posted. Karel the Robot problems support added.
  • [2017/03/29] v0.7.2.2 posted. ML and Ruby language initial support added.
  • [2017/03/21] v0.7.2.0 posted. C# language initial support added. Welcome to new CSBS developer Sara Jackson!
  • [2017/02/25] v0.7.1.8 posted. Racket functional language added.
  • [2016/12/02] v0.7.1.3 posted. Download student results as CSV feature added.
  • [2016/10/02] v0.7.0.6 posted. Additional C problems; support for C-style arrays and NULL values.
  • [2016/09/25] v0.7.0.5 posted. Initial JavaScript and C problem support.
  • [2016/08/24] v0.7.0.0 posted. Heavy refactoring and bug fixes. Initial PHP support.
  • [2016/08/05] v0.6.9.8 posted. Improvements to linked list / binary tree problems. Extend session timeout. New problems added. Bug fixes.
  • [2016/02/19] v0.6.2 posted. Bug fixes with C++ compiler errors. Bug fixes for Python syntax highlighting.
  • [2015/12/18] v0.6.1 posted. Bug fixes and improved CSS on mobile devices. Several problems added.
  • [2015/11/30] v0.6.0 posted. Initial version of asynchronous job queue added. This will improve performance during high-traffic times and facilitate later work to integrate AWS / cloud features into the system.
  • [2015/11/24] v0.5.4 posted. Improved icons; redesigned UI for test runs. New refactored compiler error / exception output for Java/C++/Python including exception stack traces.
  • [2015/11/23] v0.5.3 posted. Initial Python support.
  • [2015/11/19] v0.5.0 posted. UI cleanup.
  • [2015/09/01] Initial site created.

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