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Language/Type: C++ linked lists pointers
Author: Marty Stepp (on 2016/12/03)

Consider the following linked list of ListNode objects, with a pointer named front that points to the first node:

front -> [10] -> [20] -> [40] -> [30] -> [90] -> [80] -> [70] -> [60] -> [100] -> [0] /

Draw the state of the linked list after the following code runs on it. If a given node is removed from the list, you don't need to draw that node, only the ones that remain reachable in the original list.

void linkedListMystery1(ListNode*& front) {
    ListNode* curr = front;
    while (curr != nullptr) {
        if (curr->next != nullptr && curr->data > curr->next->data) {
            ListNode* temp = curr->next;
            curr->next = curr->next->next;
            temp->next = curr;
        curr = curr->next;
list state

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