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Language/Type: C++ collections Map Set
Author: Marty Stepp (on 2016/06/16)

Write the output produced by the following function when passed each of the following maps:

void collectionMystery2(Map<string, string>& m) {
    Set<string> s;
    for (string key : m) {
        if (m[key] != key) {
        } else {
    cout << s << endl;
{"cast":"plaster", "house":"brick", "sheep":"wool", "wool":"wool"}
{"ball":"blue", "corn":"yellow", "emerald":"green", "grass":"green", "winkie":"yellow"}
{"apple":"peach", "corn":"apple", "peach":"peach", "pie":"fruit", "potato":"peach"}
{"cat":"cat", "corgi":"dog", "emu":"animal", "lab":"lair", "lair":"lair", "nyan":"cat"}

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