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Language/Type: C# classes

Write a class of objects named Circle that remembers information about a circle. You must include the following public members. It may help you to know that there is a constant named Math.PI storing the value of π, roughly 3.14159.

member name type description
new Circle(r) constructor constructs a new circle with the given radius as a real number
Area property the area occupied by the circle (read-only)
Circumference property the distance around the circle (read-only)
Radius property the radius as a real number (read-write)
ToString() method returns a string representation with radius rounded to 2 digits, such as "Circle(r=2.50)"

You should define the entire class including the class heading, the private fields, and the declarations and definitions of all the public methods, properties, and constructor.

Class: Write a complete C# class.

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