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Language/Type: C# Collections Dictionary
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Write a method named Intersect that accepts two Dictionarys of strings to integers as parameters and that returns a new SortedDictionary whose contents are the intersection of the two. The intersection of two maps is defined here as the set of keys and values that exist in both maps. So if some value K maps to value V in both the first and second map, include it in your result. If K does not exist as a key in both maps, or if K does not map to the same value V in both maps, exclude that pair from your result. For example, consider the following two maps:

{{"Janet", 87}, {"Logan", 62}, {"Whitaker", 46}, {"Alyssa", 100}, {"Stefanie", 80}, {"Jeff", 88}, {"Kim", 52}, {"Sylvia", 95}}
{{"Logan", 62}, {"Kim", 52}, {"Whitaker", 52}, {"Jeff", 88}, {"Stefanie", 80}, {"Brian", 60}, {"Lisa", 83}, {"Sylvia", 87}}

Calling your method on the preceding maps would return the following new map:

{{"Logan", 62}, {"Stefanie", 80}, {"Jeff", 88}, {"Kim", 52}}

Do not modify the maps passed in as parameters.

Method: Write a C# method as described, not a complete program or class.

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