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Write a console program in a class named Roulette that simulates the gambling game of Roulette, with the following characteristics. The player begins with $10 and bets (up to) $3 per spin of the wheel. If the wheel comes up 1-18, the player wins $3. Otherwise, player loses $3. Play until the player gets $1000 or drops to $0. At the end, print the max money the player ever earned. Here is an example dialogue:

bet $3, spin 15, money = $13
bet $3, spin 35, money = $10
bet $3, spin 7, money = $13
bet $3, spin 4, money = $16
bet $3, spin 28, money = $13
bet $3, spin 19, money = $10
bet $3, spin 21, money = $7
bet $3, spin 26, money = $4
bet $3, spin 36, money = $1
bet $1, spin 22, money = $0
max = $16

You should break down your program into several methods, each of which helps solve the overall problem. (Because this program uses random numbers, our site cannot perfectly verify its behavior; we will look to see that you have the right overall output format, but it is up to you to verify whether you are handling the spin/money logic correctly.)

Complete program: Write an entire program that you could put into a file and run outside of CodeStepByStep.

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