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Language/Type: General regular expressions
Author: Melissa Hovik (on 2018/06/01)

Write a regular expression that accepts simple SQL select statements. That is, any SQL statement that starts with "SELECT" followed by one or more comma-separated column names, followed by a single "FROM" keyword followed by one or more comma-separated table names and finished by an optional semi-colon (;).

A valid column or table name contains only letter characters (no spaces, numerical, or special characters), except that a column name (between SELECT and FROM) may optionally include a single "." within the string (not at the start or end). SELECT and FROM must both be uppercased, but the rest of the string may be in any letter-casing format.

For example, the following four strings should match:

SELECT puppy FROM puppies;
SELECT pokemon.name, pokemon.nickname, type FROM pokemon;
SELECT quilts, quarts, quinoa FROM Qstore;

But the following five strings should not match:

FROM puppies SELECT puppy;
SELECT puppy FROM p.uppies;
SELECT .name, FROM puppies;
select foo from bar;
SELECT puppy FROM puppies WHERE puppy='mowgli';

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