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Language/Type: Java file input
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Write a console program in a class named Election that prompts for the name of, and then reads, a file of poll data about two candidates in an election. Each line of the file contains data from one state or region in the election, along with the percentage of the vote that each candidate won. The data will be provided in the following format:

State  Candidate1%  Candidate2%  ElectoralVotes  Pollster
CT 56 31 7 Oct U. of Connecticut
NE 37 56 5 Sep Rasmussen
AZ 41 49 10 Oct Northern Arizona U.

For example, in the data above, Candidate 1 won Connecticut with 56% of the vote, earning 7 electoral votes in the process. Candidate 2 won NE and AZ earning 5 + 10 = 15 electoral votes. And so on.

Your program should prompt for the file name to read, then read its data and print how many electoral votes each candidate leads in, and who is leading overall in the polls. If the two candidates tie in a given region, don't give anybody those votes.

Input file? polls.txt 
Candidate 1: 325 votes
Candidate 2: 183 votes

You may assume that the user types the name of a file that exists and is readable, and that the data is in the valid format shown above.

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This exercise asks for a complete program. This should essentially be contents you could put into a file and run outside of CodeStepByStep.

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