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Language/Type: Java file input
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Author: Nick Troccoli (on 2017/04/25)

Write a method named pigLatin that accepts as a parameter a Scanner representing an input file. Your method should, preserving line breaks, print out the input file's text in a simplified version of Pig Latin, a silly English variant where the first letter of each word is moved to the end. The rules for translating a word to Pig Latin are as follows:

  • If the word starts with a vowel (aeiou), simply append "yay". For example, "elephant" becomes "elephantyay".
  • If the word starts with a consonant, move the consonant to the end, and append "ay". For example, "welcome" becomes "elcomeway".

As an overall example, if the input file lincoln.txt contains the following text:

four score and
seven years ago our
fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation

We might call your method as follows:

Scanner input = new Scanner(new File("lincoln.txt"));

The above call should produce the following output:

ourfay coresay andyay
evensay earsyay agoyay ouryay
athersfay roughtbay orthfay onyay histay ontinentcay ayay ewnay ationnay
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This is a method exercise. Write a Java method as described. Do not write a complete program or class; just the method(s) above.

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