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Language/Type: JavaScript recursion string

Write a recursive function named digitsSorted that takes an integer as a parameter and returns true if the digits of the integer are sorted and false otherwise. The digits must be sorted in non-decreasing order (i.e. increasing order with duplicate digits allowed) when read from left to right. An integer that consists of a single digit is sorted by definition. The function should be also able to handle negative numbers. Negative numbers are also considered sorted if their digits are in non-decreasing order.

The following table shows several calls to your function and their expected return values:

Call Value Returned
digitsSorted(0) true
digitsSorted(2345) true
digitsSorted(-2345) true
digitsSorted(22334455) true
digitsSorted(-5) true
digitsSorted(4321) false
digitsSorted(24378) false
digitsSorted(21) false
digitsSorted(-33331) false


  • Do not use any loops; you must use recursion.
  • Do not declare any global variables.
  • Do not use arrays.
  • You may define other "helper" functions if you like; they are subject to these same constraints.

Note: Because JavaScript integers are number types, dividing two integers which do not divide evenly returns the decimal value of the result instead of an integer (for example, 1 / 2 results in 0.5, not 0). Use parseInt(a / b) to parse the result into an integer if needed to solve this problem.

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This is a function exercise. Write a JavaScript function as described. Do not write a complete program; just the function(s) above.

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