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Language/Type: Python classes
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Add a method named __eq__ to the Rectangle class. Use your Rectangle class solution from the previous exercises as a starting point to solve this exercise.

Suppose a class named Rectangle has already been created that has the following members:

member name type description
Rectangle(x, y, w, h) constructor Initializes a new rectangle whose top-left corner is specified by the given (x, y) coordinates and with the given width and height, w by h. Raises a ValueError on a negative width or height.
data attributes private attributes storing rectangle coordinates
property the rectangle location and dimensions (read-only)
str(r) method returns a string representation of the rectangle, such as "Rectangle[x=1,y=2,width=3,height=4]".

Add a method named __eq__ to your class. Your method should accept another rectangle as a parameter and return True if the two rectangles have exactly the same state, including their x, y, width, and height.

Member function: Write a member function that will become part of an existing class. You do not need to write the complete class.

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