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Language/Type: Python file input

In a previous problem, you are asked to write a function named print_entire_file that prompts the user for a file name and printed that file's contents to the console. Modify your code from that problem into a new function named print_entire_file2 that will repeatedly prompt until the user types the name of a file that exists on the system. If you like, you can call the function get_file_name from Self-Check 6.20 (without rewriting or pasting it here) to help you solve this problem. For example, if the file example.txt contains the following input data:

hello  how    are you
1 2 3 4

I am fine

Then the following would be an example dialogue of your function:

Type a file name: bad.txt
Type a file name: not_here.txt
Type a file name: alsobad.txt
Type a file name: example.txt
hello  how    are you
1 2 3 4

I am fine
Function: Write a Python function as described, not a complete program.

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