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Language/Type: Python file input

Write a console program that reads an input file of temperatures, with numbers representing daily high temperatures such as:

16.2   23.2
   19.2 7.7  22.9

18.4  -1.6 14.6

Your program should prompt for the file name to read, then read its data and print the change in temperature between each pair of neighboring days.

Input file? weather.txt 
16.2 to 23.2, change = 7.0
23.2 to 19.2, change = -4.0
19.2 to 7.7, change = -11.5
7.7 to 22.9, change = 15.2
22.9 to 18.4, change = -4.5
18.4 to -1.6, change = -20.0
-1.6 to 14.6, change = 16.2

If there are any non-numeric tokens of input in the file, your program should skip over them and ignore them. You may assume that the user types the name of a file that exists and is readable.

Bare code: Write a fragment of Python code as described, without any class or function/method heading around your code.

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