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Language/Type: Python if/else parameters return

Write a function named enough_time_for_lunch that accepts four integers hour1, minute1, hour2, and minute2 as parameters. Each pair of parameters represents a time on the 24-hour clock (for example, 1:36 PM would be represented as 13 and 36). The function should return True if the gap between the two times is long enough to eat lunch: that is, if the second time is at least 45 minutes after the first time. Otherwise the function should return False.

You may assume that all parameter values are valid: the hours are both between 0 and 23, and the minute parameters are between 0 and 59. You may also assume that both times represent times in the same day, e.g. the first time won't represent a time today while the second time represents a time tomorrow. Note that the second time might be earlier than the first time; in such a case, your function should return False.

Here are some example calls to your function and their expected return results:

callvalue returned
enough_time_for_lunch (11, 00, 11, 59)True
enough_time_for_lunch (12, 30, 13, 00)False
enough_time_for_lunch (12, 30, 13, 15)True
enough_time_for_lunch (14, 20, 17, 02)True
enough_time_for_lunch (12, 30, 9, 30)False
enough_time_for_lunch (12, 00, 11, 55)False
Function: Write a Python function as described, not a complete program.

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