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Language/Type: Python interactive programs parameters

Write a console program that calculates money earned by two investors. Use the following compound interest formula:

PV * (1 + r)n = FV

Also report the overall "quality" of the investment as from the table below:

Profit Category
0 - 10% weak
10 - 50% medium
over 50% strong

Match the following example output log (with user input shown like this):

Investor 1
Initial amount? 100.00
Interest rate%? .03
Num. of months? 5
Amount: $ 115.93
Profit: $ 15.93 = 16 %

Investor 2
Initial amount? 5.25
Interest rate? .08
Num. of months? 24
Amount: $ 33.29
Profit: $ 28.04 = 534 %

Have a nice day!

You should break down your program into several functions, each of which helps solve the overall problem.

Type your Python solution code here:

This exercise asks for a complete program. This should essentially be contents you could put into a file and run outside of CodeStepByStep.

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