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Language/Type: VB console output for loops functions

Write a complete program in a module named Book with a Main subroutine that prints the following figure as console output.

Use subroutines to capture the structure of the figure and to eliminate redundancy. For example, no complete line of output should be printed in two or more places in your code.

Use loops to capture repeated patterns of characters within each line of output. For example, if you see a pattern of five / characters in a row, use a loop that repeats 5 times to print the character.

          /                           ___/
         /                        ___/__//
        /                     ___/__/__///
       /                  ___/__/__/__////
      /               ___/__/__/__/__/////
     /            ___/__/__/__/__/__//////
    /         ___/__/__/__/__/__/__///////
   /      ___/__/__/__/__/__/__/__////////
  /   ___/__/__/__/__/__/__/__/__/////////
|      How to Code in VB       |//////////
|      How to Code in VB       |////////
|      How to Code in VB       |//////
|      How to Code in VB       |////
|      How to Code in VB       |//
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Function: Write a VB function as described, not a complete program.

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