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Author: Nick Troccoli (on 2020/07/14)

Write an interactive console program in a module named CalculateLine with a Main subroutine that calculates y coordinates on a line. First, it prompts the user for a slope m, and an intercept b (as seen in the line equation of the form y = m x + b). Then the program prompts the user for x values until the user enters a -1. For each entered number, print the y value on that line for that entered x value. Here is a sample run of the program (user input is shown like this):

This program calculates y coordinates for a line.
Enter slope (m): 2
Enter intercept (b): 4
Enter x: 5
f(5) = 14
Enter x: 1
f(1) = 6
Enter x: -1
Function: Write a VB function as described, not a complete program.

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