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Language/Type: VB recursion

Write a recursive subroutine Zigzag that accepts an integer parameter n and that prints out n characters as follows. The middle character of the output should always be an asterisk ("*"). If you are asked to write out an even number of characters, then there will be two asterisks in the middle ("**"). Before the asterisk(s) you should write out less-than characters ("<"). After the asterisk(s) you should write out greater-than characters (">"). For example, the following calls produce the following output:

Call Output
Zigzag(1) *
Zigzag(2) **
Zigzag(3) <*>
Zigzag(4) <**>
Zigzag(5) <<*>>
Zigzag(6) <<**>>
Zigzag(7) <<<*>>>
Zigzag(8) <<<**>>>

Your subroutine should throw an ArgumentException if passed a value less than 1. Note that the output does not advance to the next line.

Function: Write a VB function as described, not a complete program.

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