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Language/Type: VB file input

Write a subroutine named HoursWorked that accepts as a parameter a string representing an input file name of section leader data and computes and prints a report of how many hours each section leader worked. Each line of the file is in the following format, where each line begins with an employee ID, followed by an employee first name, and then a sequence of tokens representing hours worked each day. Suppose the input file named hours.txt and contains the following lines:

123 Alex 3 2 4 1
46 Jessica 8.5 1.5 5 5 10 6
7289 Erik 3 6 4 4.68 4

For the above input file, the call of HoursWorked("hours.txt") would produce the following output.

Alex     (ID#  123) worked 10.0 hours (2.50/day)
Jessica  (ID#   46) worked 36.0 hours (6.00/day)
Erik     (ID# 7289) worked 21.7 hours (4.34/day)

Match the format exactly, including spacing. The names are in a left-aligned 9-space-wide field the IDs are in a right-aligned 4-space-wide field the total hours worked should show exactly 1 digit after the decimal and the hours/day should have exactly 2 digits after the decimal.

Function: Write a VB function as described, not a complete program.

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